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Presentation synopsis:

Long-acting HIV drugs: Translating clinical trial findings into clinical practice

Despite major advances in antiretroviral therapy, current therapies fail to meet the needs of many people living with HIV.  The development of long-acting injectable anti-HIV therapy will offer more treatment options and, for some, may dramatically improve their quality of life.  Now that Cabenuva is approved in Canada, the interest in switching to injectable therapy is becoming more apparent.  While many challenges have been identified in the implementation of prescribing Cabenuva in clinical practice, a patient support program has been developed to help address many of these. While coverage by payors is still limited, early experience has been encouraging and informative.

Speaker biography:

Jonathan Angel, The Ottawa Hospital and the The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Canada

Jonathan Angel, MD, is the Head of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the Ottawa Hospital and University of Ottawa, where he is the Director of the regional HIV Clinic. As an Infectious Diseases Specialist and Clinician Scientist, Dr. Angel’s research interests range from basic mechanisms of HIV induced immune dysfunction through to clinical studies of immune-based therapies and novel approaches to an HIV cure. He has been an investigator in several clinical trials of long-acting injectable antiretroviral therapy since the LATTE-2 study in 2013.

Jonathan Angel has served as the President of the Canadian Association for HIV Research, President of the Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation and Chair of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research HIV/AIDS Research Advisory Committee.


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