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The 19th European AIDS Conference (#EACS2023) is organised from 18-21 October 2023 in Warsaw, a significant cultural, political, and economic hub of Central and Eastern Europe which has evolved uniquely within last 20 years when EACS 2003 was first hosted here.

Under the theme "It's time to revisit!" the 19th European AIDS Conference will aim not only to revisit the Warsaw city, but also our goals and deliverables in the fight against HIV epidemic and co-infections. Equal access for both EU and non-EU countries to high standards of care, focus on marginalised populations, scaling up the efforts to halt HIV transmission along with promoting access to harm reduction programmes and its de-criminalisation will be at the very centre of our discussions.

Justyna Kowalska, Local Conference Co-Chair
Magdalena Ankiersztejn-Bartczak, Local Community Co-Chair
Esteban Martínez, EACS President & EACS Conference Co-Chair